The Worst Rejection Letter

If you are in the hunt to do the Professional Writing thing, you will get rejection letters.  Or at least emails.

But more than likely the worst rejection letter you ever get won’t come from a publisher.  And it probably won’t be a letter. (Or an email.)

It will come from someone whose support you’re counting on, someone who  you expect to be on your side, someone you hope will be your biggest cheerleader.  Someone who with just one little encouraging word could make you believe that you really do have something beautiful or meaningful or honest and good to share with the world.

And that someone will tell you you’re making a terrible mistake, that you’re really not that special, that they’re so disappointed in you, that you should know better, that you shouldn’t get your hopes up because you probably won’t make it … you know, all the worst of what you’ve already been telling yourself.

The good news is, it doesn’t just happen to writers.  It happens to everyone everywhere who tries to make a Big Change.  It’s what happens when you decide to take a chance to do something different and risky and new and unexpected.  It’s what happens when you’re courageous.

The better news is, no matter where it comes from, there’s not a single rejection letter out there that can actually prevent you from accomplishing what you set out to do.  Only you can do that.

Don’t do that.  Be courageous.

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