About Working with Awesome People

In various places around the ol’ interwebs I have made the habit of saying I like doing awesome things with awesome people.  By which I mean, as much as possible, I like getting around people who are doing cool things and finding ways to team up with them.

Three1985 - Cropped

Which is pretty much just the way I put a PR spin on the fact that I like to ride the coattails of people who are way smarter and more talented than me.  It’s kind of like finding a really wealthy person and convincing them to throw all their money in a pile with yours, and then each taking half.

One of the great benefits of this Clever Ploy is that sometimes Awesome People go off and do something Awesome on their own, but include you in it anyway.  Here, for your enjoyment, is such an example:

Angry Robot Books Archive

April Fool’s Day or not, I’m totally going to pretend that blurb is genuine.

Awesome people are awesome.




Today’s word is awesome.



Cyber Monday NOOK Deal!

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