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Talking with Some Pro Dungeon Crawlers

Dungeon Crawlers Radio


I had a chance to sit down and talk to the most excellent people of Dungeon Crawlers Radio and, despite a number of technical difficulties, had a great time (as usual).  I can say “as usual” because this is the second opportunity these guys have given me to go on the air with them, and they are two-for-two in making it fun and adventurous.

If you’d like to hear me chat about things like…:

  • whether the Duskwalker series is dystopian or post-apocalyptic
  • why I chose to start the series so many years after the Collapse
  • how a lecture by Vernor Vinge something something (a story which I may or may not complete because every time I try to tell it the connection drops)
  • and other fun tidbits about writing in general and the series in particular

… you can catch the episode here.

Thanks again to Revan and the guys for hosting me!

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