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Things Jay Found Interesting – Apr 18 2014

A backpack drone, already in use by US forces.  Not really news per se, since the Ghosts (of Ghost Recon fame) have been using them since 2010 or so, but it’s always cool to see reality catch up.

The best use of image searching technology EVER.  Totally frivolous and excellent.

3D printing synthetic human tissue! Baby steps towards exciting and important medical applications for regenerative medicine … restoring damaged organs, replacement skin for burn victims, those sorts of things.  Science!

An academic paper on availability cascades; not exactly light reading, but some interesting thoughts on how social dynamics impact public discourse.  Or, you know, why when everyone else is talking about Game of Thrones, you feel like you should at least pretend you do too.

Support for saving the A-10 close air support aircraft is growing, which is great because it’s an aircraft literally built around one of the most awe-inspiring weapons ever created AND it was the inspiration for Cobra’s Rattler.

Morningside Fall Excerpt!

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Things Jay Found Interesting – Apr 11 2014

(People often ask me where I get all my ideas for various writery type things, like characters, or events, or technology.  Usually I just say "I read a lot".  I decided to go one better and invite you all to read along with me.) Veteran-owned … [Continue reading]

THREE FOR FREE (Kind of …)

Goodreads Book Giveaway Three by Jay Posey Giveaway ends March 31, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win   With the release of my second book Morningside Fall coming up (April 29th in the US, … [Continue reading]

Cracked Helmets and Being Understood

Like lots of middle-aged dudes in our country, I'm still pretty much a child.  A bit tall and beardly for a normal child perhaps, and okay sure I responsibly hold a job and pay a mortgage and am generally handy around the house, and all that sort of … [Continue reading]