Celebratory Giveaway! (Free Books for Someone!)

So as you may or may not be aware, I have a NEW BOOK COMING OUT in only ABOUT THREE WEEKS (AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!).

(FYI, that AAAHH was the sound you make when you are screaming in a sort of half-excited, half-terrified kind of way, not the one you make when you are sighing contentedly after enjoying a refreshing beverage.)

The book Dawnbreaker is the final installment in my Legends of the Duskwalker trilogy and to celebrate the moment, I wanted to do a special thing.

If you’re already tired of reading, here, click this link and go win some books!

Back in 2013 when my first novel Three was published, I joined two other excellent authors who were also making their fiction debut at Angry Robot Books; Ramez Naam and Wesley Chu.

I don’t know exactly how to tell you guys this but uhh … two out of three of us are kind of big deals.

Both Ramez and Wes were nominated in 2013 for the prestigious John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and Wes went on to earn the nomination again in 2014.

And now here we all are in 2015, and all three of us have finished the trilogies we started. Of course, I’m the last to put mine on the shelves (on August 4th! buy buy buy!), so to celebrate I thought it’d be fun to give away not one, not two, but THREE trilogies!

I’ve got a contest set up running until July 29th wherein if you can properly answer the very challenging entry question (hint: the answer is my name. extra hint: my name is Jay Posey. double extra hint: it’s the third answer in the drop down menu) and are lucky enough, you can win NINE WHOLE BOOKS (six of which are by Campbell Nominated Authors!)

Click right here to enter the contest!

You’ll have to enter an email address to enter the giveaway, but don’t worry I won’t use it for anything nefarious.  (Not any time soon anyway. I mean, definitely not this week or anything.)

If you do decide to enter, make sure you watch for an email from (automated) me so you can click on the link in there to CONFIRM your entry. I’m trying to make sure only real-life people can win so I don’t end up having to ship these great books off to some email-generating robot who has set up shop in international waters. Not that I have anything against robots. I LOVE ROBOTS!

Also also, if you sign up, you’ll get a SPECIAL LINK that you can share with other people you think might be interested in some awesome books. For every person that signs up via your SPECIAL LINK, you’ll earn another five entries, so you totally aren’t ruining your own chances by telling other people about this.

Okay wow that’s a lot of information! Thanks for reading all of that! Now go win some books!